today i am grateful for….

for writing outside on the deck in the sunshine, for the herbs i bought and will soon be able to plant, for a job well done, for 1700 words yesterday, for at least 1300 words today, for a good book to read, for writing, for being right here where i am, for my son singing in the school choir, for how quiet it is right now, for homemade fresh pasta, for someone else’s crazy not needing to be my crazy, for the curtains in our sitting room, for the pictures on the table next to the couch in the family room, for pictures, for lists, for remembering to make lists, for forgetting to make lists, for not needing to wear socks, for good neighbours, for lilies, for japanese lilacs, for the armed gunmen who protect my pilot friend when he must travel to an unsafe place, for my friend bringing my kids home when i forgot early dismissal yesterday, for shoe shopping, for kindness when it does not come easily, for patience when it does not come easily, for the breath out, for…

~ ~ ~

more gratitude entries can be found here.

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